Nakamura Ningyo


Nakamura Ningyo, a doll-making workshop founded in 1917, is situated in a scenic location of Fukuoka City.
The dolls we craft are not mass produced toys, but rather, they represent works of art that embody a microcosm of Japan. Through this environment, they are given life in human form and infused with the essence of people’s heartfelt aspirations.
For over a century, we have been fashioning art that channels the essence of dreams, and prayer.



NAKAMURA Shinkyo, the current leader of Nakamura Ningyo, hails from a long line of doll makers spanning three generations.
Born in 1957, he holds a firm conviction in the use of dolls to instill hope and inspiration in people. Shinkyo is widely
recognized for his masterpiece, the “Nanban Series”, which draws inspiration from the four young boys from the Tensho Mission
in the late 1500s, who ventured to Europe to study Christianity in a time of great transformation in Japan. Another prominent
collection is the “Oni” series, featuring Japan’s guardian deities renowned for their ability to fend off evil spirits.
In addition, Shinkyo has produced numerous other works infused with advanced technology and profound philosophy, drawing upon
global history and culture. These exquisite creations possess such vivid realism that they seem to spring to life.


NAKAMURA Hiromine is the fourth generation and future head of Nakamura Ningyo.
Born in 1986, he has a very unique concept for his work.
He has tasked himself with the question, “If a skilled doll maker from the Edo period were to suddenly time-travel to the present day, what kind of dolls would they create?”
By focusing on both the past and the present, Hiromine has worked tirelessly in elevating classical Japanese
dolls to the level of contemporary works of art. He has accomplished this by utilizing traditional sculpting and coloring techniques that have remained unchanged since ancient times.


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